Friday, January 20, 2006

1 (800) 411-METRO

Matt Marshall recently wrote an article on the $8bn directory services market and other emerging mobile information models. Matt profiles a recent addition to the HWVP portfolio, Infreeda.

Infreeda provides nation-wide, human operator, ad supported 411 calls. Very simply, dial 1 800 411 METRO the next time you are looking for a listing and stop paying high fees (~$1.75 per call) for information.

Let us know your feedback.


  1. I saw them present at an SVASE VC breakfast that I moderated. It was one of the most dynamic pitches I've seen. In 5 minutes they described the business, described some innovative ways of customer acquisition, serving up competitor ads, then gave a 30 second soundbyte of a real customer call.
    The VC there got excited - but looks like you guys beat him to the deal. :-)

  2. Thanks Zoli. Things are going very well. Appreciate the comment

  3. Impressive idea from such a simple and forgotten industry!

    When I tried the service, the operator routed my call to the business I was looking for. This call-bridging could be costly in the long run and easily abused.

    For example: I am in Houston, I have a T-mobile regional plan on my cell. With inFreeDA I can call anywhere in US just by dialing 800-411-METRO. Is this the intended use?

    Extending from this idea... this service could be expanded to provide free long distance by allowing anyone dial 800-LD4FREE and bridging call after Ads message has been played. (with limited minutes time of course)
    Or.... if not limited every 5 minutes there would be interruption of another Ads heard by both caller and callee.

    More contextual local Ads and being able to buy Ads quickly on the phone and online is imperative for this business.