Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alacatraz 100 - One to Add to the Bucket List

Today, I swam the Alcatraz 100; the icnomic swimming race starts at Alcatraz Island and ends 1.5 miles later in SF's Acquatic Park.

The weather, tides, wind, and fog all cooperated and made for an amazing day and experience.

I understand the movie the Bucket List proved to be so-so, the idea, however, of making a list of things to do before you die is cool.

After today, I would suggest, if you enjoy outdoor challenges, that you add the Alcatraz 100 to your list.

As I checked in for the race, the organizer asked me to promise him one the middle of the race stop swimming and take in the setting...Alcatraz behind you, the Bay Bridge to your left, the Golden Gate to your right, and the city of San Francisco looming directly in front of you.

I managed to stop twice and the views will stay withe me...until next year's race!

Thanks to my colleague, Ryan Spoon, for motivating me.

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  1. Class V8:58 AM

    Very cool! I had a few friends do that race this year, and am now thinking I definitely do need to add it to my "Must Experience" list ("Bucket List" is too depressing a term for me.)