Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Starmine Acquired by Reuters

Congratulations to Joe Gatto, CEO and founder, and the Starmine team on their sale to Reuters.

Hummer Winblad led Starmine's A round in 1999 with John Hummer serving on the Board.

Starmine is a powerful example of actionable analytics adding value on top of readily available data- the company's algorithms provide independent ratings of securities analysts around the globe by measuring their stock-picking performance and the accuracy of their earnings forecasts.

StarMine helps professional investors extract more value from broker research and fundamental equity data in less time by identifying the analysts that add value, forecasting potential earnings surprises and shortfalls, evaluating earnings quality, and alerting investors to the most important developments on stocks they follow.

Given the Wall St research shenanigans uncovered in the dot com bust and the recent failing of the credit rating agencies in the sub prime mess, it is more important than ever that effective analytics exist as a check and balance against either incompetence and/or malfeasance.

Congratulations to Reuters and Starmine on a great deal.

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