Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oracle buys Bridgestream

Oracle's acquisition spree continued this month with the purchase of Bridgestream, the leading provider of business role automation solutions.

Role-based access to systems and information is a well understood security paradigm. Importantly, Bridgestream extended the ability of identity access management (IDAM) solutions to map to the complex, ever-changing business relationships that exist within a department, within a division and across the extended enterprise.

Role based automation enables fast, accurate and real-time information about role-based authorizations and enables organizational changes to seamlessly flow through to production IDAM solutions. Modeling complex, ever-changing enterprises via the Bridgestream solution enhances security, improves compliance, and reduces IT costs. The acquisition complements the earlier purchase of Oblix and further pushes Oracle into the security market.

Hummer Winblad's Mitchell Kertzman co-led Bridgestream's A round and congratulations to Mark Tice, CEO, the Bridgestream team, and the Board on a great outcome.

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