Thursday, January 04, 2007

Red Herring Article on VC Bloggers

Sean Wolfe of Red Herring published an article today on the mushrooming number of VC bloggers - VC Bloggers Aplenty?

Brad's newly launched Ask the VC blog prompted Sean to explore why VC's blog and what value exists in the practice.

Sean kindly interviewed me as well for the story. As I mention in the story, the value for me in blogging lies in 1) greater fluency of current trends and technology, 2) a forum for reaching a broad audience on a daily basis and finding new deals, and 3) a medium for demystifying the VC process and sharing best practices and didactic experiences.

Check it out.


  1. I appreciate the VC blogs. I currently don't need any money for my businesses but the information I can get is priceless.

  2. Greg C.12:51 PM

    Good stuff Will. I linked from AsktheVC, and started combing through the archives. A lot of great insights here. A new daily stop for me for sure...Blog on Will!