Monday, January 22, 2007

Internet Television History: 24 is on the Web!

In a moment of television and Internet history, Season Six of 24 is available online, via MySpace and

For many years and many CES keynotes, IPTV proved to be more hype than substance. Starting today, however, TV's hottest show is available on the web!

Major networks are putting their premium content assets on the web, and the high quality, full-episode streams suggest that the promise of IPTV is finally being realized.

The company behind 24 on-line, Move Networks, (see previous post on company).

Move, based in Utah, provides major content owners and network operators enabling infrastructure for the delivery of both live and archived long-form, high quality Internet video.

Please click on the links above to enjoy 24, Prison Break, and Fox's other prime time programming.

If you are into the CW, click here to watch Everybody Hates Chris, Beauty and the Geek, and other favorites.

The future of Internet Video - long-form, high quality content that combines prime time broadcast CPMs with Internet per click, per stream analytics and tracking - has arrived!

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