Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why Blog....and Widgets

Entrepreneur Magazine has a fun article on blogging and how it helps VCs find deals.

Brad and I are interviewed - he found Feedburner through his blog and I am very pleased to have found YieldBuild. If you are wondering why we blog, not only is it fun, an incredible forum for learning, but it is also a wonderful vehicle for meeting new people.

Also, I did a podcast (my first one ever) on widgets for They recently ran a series of articles on widgets and my talk is part of their CEO Guide to Technology.


  1. Hi Will,

    The world is flat rightly said by Thomas Freidman but it is also squasing through widgets. Its come a long way now, we have widgets for Desktop, Mobile and TV now.

    Here is a widget that I have created for sharing desktop content, (
    Its amazing how we can pack all the wonders into one small piece of code.


  2. Great job on your first podcast, Will!

    - John