Friday, April 22, 2011

Watching the Wheels - Texting, Surfing, Emailing While Driving

In 2009, the NHTSA reported 5,474 deaths on the US streets and highways caused by distracted driving.  An additional 448,000 motorists were injured by drivers who were using cellphones and texting.

For the record, I am guilty of distracted driving. Today, I read about Bob Okerblom, who lost his son, aged 19, to a texting driver. His son, Eric, was a molecular biology major at Cal, National Merit Scholar, and all round great kid.

There but for the grace of God go I...


Having texted, emailed, and surfed the web at the wheel, it could easily of been me who struck Eric.

Erik's family started a foundation in his honor - His Dad biked across America reminding us all of the risks and losses we face when we drive distracted.

Starting today, April 22nd, I pledge not to text, email, program Pandora...etc, while I am driving.

Join me, if you like, in avoiding future tragedies.

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  1. To err is human. So long as we have a transportation system where error is often fatal, we will have 19 year olds killed.

    Along with a personal responsibility to drive safely, we have an equally important collective one to make it easier to get around safely. This includes air quality, which probably kills as many people as crashes. We need more bike lanes, trains, subways, etc.

    Beyond your personal resolve, I ask you to contact your local politicians and ask them to make alternatives to cars faster and more enjoyable.