Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2012 Reading List

Here's my list of 2012 all-star books to read.
  1. Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel's book on the rise of Ann Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell
  2. Bringing Up the Bodies, Hilary's book on the fall of Ann Boleyn
  3. The Book Thief, Zusak's WWII story of two teenagers in Germany
  4. The Hangman's Daughter, Potzch's medieval German mystery
  5. The Wolf Gift, Anne Rice's werewolves in Sonoma 
  6. The Templar Knight, Guillou's classic recount of the Crusades
  7. The Last Child, John Hart's fantastic mystery
  8. Dissolution, Sansom's Tudor mystery
  9. The Snow Leopard, Leston's tale of a European-born, Mongol general
  10. Regeneration, Barker's story of Sassoon and the psychological costs of WWI
  11. The Fall of Giants, Follet's tale of the demise of the ancien regimes of Europe and all they stood for
  12. Berlin Noir, Philip Kerr's brilliant trilogy of 1930s-1940s Germany. His hero, Bernie Gunther, is fantastic.  Think murder mysteries at their best.
  13. A Prisoner of Birth, Jeffrey Archer's modern day retellingn of the classic the Count of Monte Christo
  14. The Bloodletter's Daughter, Linda Lafferty's very clever 17th century mystery set in Bohemia. 

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