Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DEMO 2010

I am sitting at the Palm Springs Airport after three very successful days at DEMO.

Giles Goodwin and I presented the ClickTurn Ad Builder - a self-service platform for building rich media ads and HTML 5 mobile sites.

ClickTurn is a self-service platform for building rich media ad units and HTML 5 mobile web sites. In minutes, publishers and advertisers are able to build rich media ads and mobile sites that leverage the richness of the real-time web.

The ad and mobile site builder support YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blog and other content sources, while also providing templates for polls, lead gen forms, and other forms of engagement.

ClickTurn is currently working with LinkedIn, CBSi, IDG, Forbes, FedEx, Cisco, Sprint, Qwest, Panasonic, Gap, HSBC, the Gap, etc to deliver ads that are realizing ~.8% CTRs and ~15% engagement rates.