Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Wadget Revolution - How Brands Can Harness Widgets

Tomorrow night (1/24) I will be moderating a panel titled "The Wadget Revolution" sponsored by the Bay Area Interactive Group.

The title, a play on widget and gadget, will address the widget revolution and how marketers can best take advantage of this emerging channel.

I expect a lively discussion on how brands can use widgets to reach consumers and how publishers can use widgets to monetize their content.

Please find details on the panel below.

The Wadget Revolution:

The event is at the St. Francis Hotel on Powell Street just off Union Square in downtown San Francisco. The Stockton Sutter parking garage is close by.

The digital channels are engaging. It's that simple. Engagement remains elusive as a singular dynamic, but seems more a catch-all descriptor/metric for a variety of mechanisms that deliver utility, information and entertainment to audiences in new ways. One of the "channels" within the broader digital mix that saw tremendous growth in '07 and really begins its sophomore year in 2008 is the "Wadget" (ok, we couldn't decide between Widget and Gadget, so we compromised). They seemed to come out of nowhere, or to be coming suddenly from everywhere and we all nodded our heads in approval (though many of us grabbed a friend and remarked "what the heck are these things anyway?". It's time to shed some light on this.

What are Wadgets, what do they do, who makes them, who uses them and most importantly, how do marketers harness the power of them are the questions we're going after at our next event on Jan 24.

We'll have some masters of Wadgetry talking about the phenomenon from their perspective and showing all of us how they concept, build, deploy, engage and SELL their Wadget genius…and then they'll take your questions, so come prepared.

The panelists are:
· Will Price – Hummer Winblad

· Donna Stokes – HP

· Heidi Henson – Rock You

· Ken Barbieri – Washington Post Newseek Interactive

· Kevin Barenblatt – Context Optional

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