Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mulecon 2007

Today, Mulesource, the leading open source integration software provider, held its inaugural Mule developer conference. The event proved to be a smashing success.

See my prior post on Mule here.

Over 100 developers flew in from around the world to share their expereinces, use cases and passion for the Mule project. For a company less than a year old, the size, diversity, and evangelical nature of the audience was simply remarkable to observe.

The best companies create ecosystems of customers, partners, and developers who realize their own economic interests and dreams via the given company's platform and technology. For example, both eBay and Microsoft benefited from the energy, investment, and activity of the thousands of companies in their ecosystems. The leverage possible when you are the fulcrum by which third parties leverage their businesses is powerful indeed.

Typically, creating vibrant ecosystems takes years to accomplish and material investments in developer, partner, and customer acquisition and development programs. Mulesource, riding the momentum of an authentically grassroots open source project, hit the ecosystem milestone within 9 months of incorporation.

Today,, H&R Block, Fimat,, etc...presented use cases, reference architectures, lessons learned, competitors considered, and endorsements of Mule. For those interested in Mule, Eugene Ciurana's very detailed Mulesource case study from The Serverside is definitely worth reading.

For the prospects in the audience, hearing first hand why the largest mission critical applications in e-commerce, trade processing, tax form processing, etc chose Mule over competitive open and closed source vendors, many of which already had enterprise license agreements with competitors in place, proved invaluable.

Watching the developers share best practices and their genuine appreciation for Mule's flexibility, ease of use, and value helped me realize that the company is in the enviable position of having a fully functioning ecosystem where the interests of the ecosystem and the company are becoming fundamentally intertwined. Historically, that proved to be a very good thing!

Congratulations to the Mulesource team and to the many third party customers and developers who are driving the project and company forward.

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