Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This year marketers will spend $5 bn on search marketing. Companies are waking up to the power of search engine optimization and paid search marketing as an effective mechanism for customer acquisition and driving traffic.

Optimizing click through rate is a critical goal and the end result is traffic that lands at your domain. Then what?

How many of you have searched on a company site for the main product, a product data sheet, an officer of the company, contact information and been able to find nothing? Let's take an example, sorry to pick on Cisco...Go to their web site and type in "wifi access point" into the search box. Hit enter and you will find this is the number one result.

Now Cisco spent $500m acquiring Linksys and I am fairly sure they would rather have customers get to a page about wifi products!!

Luckily, Baynote has an answer for you. Baynote recently received Inc 500's 2006 "Best of the Web for Smarter Searching" award.

Baynote was selected based on its on-demand Content Guidance offering and the company'’s success rate in helping website visitors reach their objectives by distilling visitor search and navigational behaviors into the Wisdom of Community. Using this Wisdom, Baynote dynamically adapts website search and website navigation for each user, vastly improving the conversion potential and usefulness of any business website.

Baynote customers on average realize more than a 20x increase in search-driven conversions of web visitors, turning viable prospects into leads on their websites. In addition, site navigation is streamlined significantly, with a reduction from 6 to 1 in the average number of clicks needed to find information and complete transactions.

Now, if the market is going to spend $5bn driving traffic to their domains, why not spend incremental dollars to ensure that customers find what they are looking for!!

Congratulations to Jack Jia and the Baynote team and John Hummer for a great launch to date and for the award.

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  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    What's much more sad is that if you go to Linksys.com and type in "wifi access point" this is the first hit, and none of the hits you get see to actually be a simple product link to a wifi access point.

    (BTW, the comment system your blog is using is very cumbersome)