Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Concept to Company

Next Tuesday April 18th at Stanford, Hummer Winblad and VLAB are hosting a great event titled Concept to Company.

For anyone considering starting a company and navigating how to take an idea to fruition, I strongly suggestion you attend. A write-up from VLAB follows:

"Every year, the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) has the honor of hosting a special session, called Concept-to-Company, moderated by Ann Winblad, co-founder of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. Ann Winblad is a well-known and respected software industry entrepreneur and technology leader who has been chronicled in many national business and trade publications.

This years Concept-to-Company event will focus on the business formation of Cittio, a network management software company founded in 2001. No doubt, many people may question the viability for a startup to enter this mature market - where IBM, HP and other large companies own a majority share. Why would any VC decide to fund a start-up in this space? What strategies can be implemented to increase the chances of success? Hummer Winblad's investment in Cittio demonstrates how investors and entrepreneurs find clever ways to disrupt a mature industry.

In this panel, you will hear from the CEO of Cittio about their business formation strategies including; fund raising, product development and sales. We have also invited key representatives from IBM and HP to talk about how the incumbents plan to defend their turf."

Click here to read more on the panel.

Click here to register.


  1. Hoping you will write up the panel for us poor souls on the East Coast!

  2. Hi Will,
    Just a heads-up that the registration form wasn't working correctly for me. I emailed websupport@vlab.org, so hopefully they are on the case.
    Regards, Jonathan.

  3. Hi Jonathan, Will,

    There are a few rare occasions that the site has an error during the registration process. We have had several people signing up daily without incident making it tough to track down the error. Please try to register again, and note that the name of the main guest must match the name on the credit card, and the ZIP code provided must match that of the billing address of the credit card also.

    There is going to be an exciting change happening soon that will fix this big and add to the value of the VLAB site. Stay tuned.


    Will, thank you for your help and for blogging this event!


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